Digital Technology – NZ Curriculum

As an education system, we want to equip our young people with the right set of skills for whatever path they choose to follow.

We live in a ‘fast evolving digital world’ that is characterised by changing ways of living and working.

Digital technologies are used everywhere: we have automatic scanners at the supermarkets to buy our food, drones helping farmers to know when to water their crops, and surgeons using robots to preform some surgeries.

What do we mean when we say digital technologies @ RIS?

It’s about:
Helping to develop digitally capable thinkers, producers and creators
teaching kids HOW digital technologies work and how they can use that knowledge to solve problems so they become creative innovators of digital solutions.
Our goal at RIS is to ensure that all learners have the opportunity to become digitally capable individuals. The Pathway and classroom learning programmes will have a greater focus for students to build their knowledge and skills, moving beyond solely being users and consumers of digital technologies.

Rotorua Intermediate School is providing unique learning approaches for students  in 2020. We are endeavouring to accommodate students with 1-1 devices.  We encourage parents to invest in their child’s future learning by purchasing for them their own chromebook, thereby allowing for anytime, anywhere learning.

Within our school environment this personal device will allow them the opportunity to continuously integrate their learning both inside and outside the classroom environment. Every classroom will have the required IT support to ensure learning is successful.

BYOCs have the potential for positive and continuous connectivity which will enhance student continuous learning engagement. This BYOC opportunity is aimed to give students unlimited access to resources and enables them to support, extend, communicate and share their learning in a way more akin to the world they are growing up in and will be required to work and learn in.

Login: rotoruaintermediate
Password: risbyod

G Suite transforms how teachers and students learn, work, and innovate together using free, secure tools from G Suite for Education.

At RIS Google App tools supports collaborative and personalised learning. Students can explo


Educa, making Families Part of the Learning…

Educa is a learning platform that provides a learning community for our school. Educa makes learning visible and shares student success – in real-time.

Parents can login online or via our free app. The app can be downloaded through Google Play and the Apple App Store

Educa is a communications and documentation platform, founded in New Zealand in 2010.  It started in early education and now provides an online service (with phone apps) to serve primary and secondary schools in New Zealand.

Educa serves over 1,500 schools and early childhood centers primarily in New Zealand

Parents can login online or via our free app. The app can be downloaded through Google Play and the Apple App Store

The school app sends notifications, school events and daily notices to our parents and students. It also offers a Direct Absentee Line and much more…

Search either Google Play or the Apple App Store for SchoolAppsNZ. After downloading the app to your device, you will ssearch and select Rotorua Intermediate.  If you already subscribe to other schools through this app you will only need to swipe right and select from the menu, add school.

There are 9 features available, to receive notifications that are applicable to your child, you will need to do the following:

Open Settings on the app, then open Alert Subscriptions. Under each of the headings, select what is applicable to yourself. Eg Select Academic, then Pukaki 1 to see notices for only Pukaki 1.  Also select what is applicable in Community, Cultural and Sports as well.